Welcome to the new SWAKES Home Assistant Blog!

Welcome to the new SWAKES Home Assistant Blog!

Why hello there and welcome to the newly created SWAKES Home Assistant Blog! Some of you may know or have seen my previous blog site and wondering 'What's going on here?'.

Well to clear up the confusion, I've decided to spin up a dedicated blog for anything and everything around Home Assistant. There are two main reasons for all the hassle, one is to get me motivated to create more content and guides as these seem to have gone down well on Reddit/Facebook etc. The other is mainly technical and due to laziness as it would of been a pain in the arse to update/upgrade the old site so with like most things, lets start a fresh!

So, what's in store over the next few weeks? Well, as usually I bite off more than I can chew and have an endless amount of projects and ideas to conjure up … Some of them such as:

  • R503 Fingerprint Sensor Integration - I've got everything working and waiting for a custom 3D print to be knocked up in order to get this finally mounted on my office door. It'll be working alongside a magnetic door lock and HyperPixel 4.0 Square touchscreen display.
  • Amazon Fire Tablet Wall Mount - Case has arrived, now it's time to finalise the custom dashboard and make some holes in the walls to get this up and running on my bedroom wall.
  • Home Assistant Network/Power Redundancy - A chance to dabble with Kubernetes/Docker Swarm, the aim is to have a 'failover' in case of any power or network issues at home to ensure HA is always up and running.
  • Fish Tank Integration - Once I get around to cleaning it I'll be attempting to automate and monitor the fish tank with a nodeMCU, ESPHome and a bunch of sensors.
  • Several Guides/Walkthroughs - I managed to knock up a few on the old site and these went down a treat with the folks on Facebook/Reddit. More to follow such as 'Light Dashboard', 'Floorplan Dashboard' and setting up/automating an alarm system in the house.

So there is plenty to do! Firstly I'm aiming to 'port' over the existing HA posts I have on my old site onto here before I kick off with anything new so keep an eye out for those shortly!

Until then, catch me on Reddit or Facebook if you have any further questions!